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michèle guevara is hand-made crochet jewelry.

… ever evolving … wearable art … unique by definition …

Michèle Guevara, a graphic designer, has always been fascinated with form and function. And the result is her spectacular wearable crochet jewelry and art. The leap from design to wearable art was something that evolved naturally for her. The 45-year-old artist came to Canada in 2007 from her native Caracas, Venezuela. Making crochet jewelry is a way to pay tribute to her grandmother who taught her how to crochet when she was about eight years old. Her dream is that people will begin to appreciate not just the wearable art itself, but also the texture and organic flow of the materials as well as the simplicity and beauty of the forms she creates. As a designer, Guevara pays close attention to detail, colour, texture and scale. All these elements come together in her fibre art. Working with fibre allows her to push the limits. The adaptability of crochet as a medium allows her to undo and restart a piece, creating opportunities for experimentation. Guevara has a Bachelor of Design from ProDiseño in Venezuela.

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